Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Engagement

Some of you know the story, but here is how it went down..(the inside scoop, from my(David's)perspective). To be honest I had planned on proposing on a Thursday night, I know women like to show off the ring to all their friends and co-workers, etc.. so I wanted Sheila to be able to go in to work on Friday and show off the ring. As it turns out, Sheila had a bad day at work and was tired and stressed and somehow caught wind of what I was planning and kindly requested it not happen that night. So I much obliged to her request and moved it to Saturday.

So saturday comes, gotta go get ready so I decide to get my hair cut, go to the mall and who happens to be there. My future wife, getting her hair all dolled up. I tried to smoothly sneak out but the hair dresses recognizes me and calls me over. Well anyway, hours later I drive and pick sheila up at her apt and drive her about 5 min. away to Tallman State Park which has a beautiful overlook of the Hudson Valley which is right where we met and graduated from College together.

I had packed a picnic basket with little heart shaped PB&J sandwhiches(aaaawwwww!) and then I had cut a little watermelon up and put fresh fruits in it, had some snapple apples in wine glasses(we aren't much for wine) but the fanciness of it all was nice. Then i pulled out a present I had made, it was a picture book of different dates, places we had been and I had written on each page how i felt about Sheila and what she meant to me. I tried to get her to read it but by the first page she was already tearing up so I read it to her and on the last page I had a picture of myself holding out the wedding ring in my hand, except I had actually placed the ring on the page where it was pictured, so when she flipped to the last page...she knew... well like she didn't know it was coming.

After that I took her into NYC to Cafe Lalu(Movie:You've Got Mail!) which is a small cafe that specializes in dessert. So we snacked a little there and then took a stroll through Central Park...and that sums up one of the best nights of our lives!

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