Monday, April 13, 2009

Extreme Porch Makeover Edition

We use to have a small empty porch, that we were hardly ever able to enjoy last summer when we first moved in, so this weekend we kicked it into high gear and decided to make it a little more inviting. This is our porch before... Then we decided to take a trip to one of our favorite stores... IKEA! and along with the visit comes new furniture and a start at decorations for our new "mood" porch. Unfortunately due to our condo regulations, no gas or charcoal grills of any kind...Only electric... yuck!

So piece by piece we started putting the furniture set together... Came together pretty quickly, a couple few issues with those pesky IKEA screws but all in all we are happy.... So now feel free to look down and view our new porch... a little crammed...but we like being close to our friends!

This is our night set up... a little more space, a little more conversation room.

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