Monday, July 21, 2008


We had a very nice honeymoon! We went for a week to Cancun and stayed at the fabulous Excellence Resort, just north of downtown Cancun. We did lots of activities, from food sculpting classes to winning a tequila drinking contest... but we mainly just sat by the pool, worked on our tans and ate at the different restaurants. We then decided to go shopping in town for souvenirs and gifts for friends and family, so David would let Sheila browse around the booths first and then once she found something David would come in and barter the price down in spanish.. they were always dissapointed to hear him speak spanish..."I give you the Mexican price" they would all say.

David made good friends with the cab driver, learning all about the guys life as he drove us around town. Mario was such a nice cabby that we asked for him by name on the last day and he gave us a 2 hour tour of cancun and let us shop around for a while before we headed to the airport...needless to say we tipped him very well.

Before we left Sheila met a couple who got married on the same day we did, and happened to live in NJ about an hour or so from where we live! So Steve and Carolyn Little became our new friends for the week. We hung out and went to dinner together and went out on a little sailboat, we had a blast with them!

The whole week was spectacular, perfect weather, did not rain once... did not go above 85 and didn't drop below the low 70's at night..what more can we say other than it was GREEEEAAAATTTTTT!

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