Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tequila Drinking Contest

During our honeymoon they had night events and concerts or the circus would come by and do performances. One of the nights they called for several volunteers, so my wife, being the wonderful lady she is tossed me up on stage. Once the 10 of us guys are up there... we find out we are throwing a lemon, drinking a shot of mexican tequila and doing a little mexican dance.

I rather than keeping my hat on and doing a little mexican shimmy opted for the speedy gonzalez dance, by throwing the hat down on the ground and dancing around it. The crowd went wild and ended up cheering me to victory. As the winner I got the "honor" of repeating my performance for every one... but this time instead of taking a shot of tequila I had to finish the bottle. (fortunately it was watered down)

It was a fun experience and good honeymoon memory. I had people recognizing me the rest of the trip as the tequila guy.

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