Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving at the McCaffreys!

This year we up to the McCaffrey's Cabin for Thanksgiving, Sheila Dropped David off for his first hunting season ever. He got to experience what it was like to eat a Peanut Butter, Onion and Venison sandwich(not as bad as it sounds actually) just watch out, those onions can be very HOT. Got to hold a shotgun, sit in a booth and watch the snow fall for a couple hours, but it was fun. Next time He'll have to get up a little earlier to catch some deer.

We did a little pre-black friday shopping on the way home... and then Sheila, David and Ashley all decided to brave the mobs and sub-zero Rochester weather and go shopping bright and early. Hitting stores as early as 4am, standing in line for 2 hours and then sprinting through Target, nabbing items off the shelf with no regard for others... NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL SHOPPING!!! We continued to shop until about 11am, with a short McD's break around 8am with Sarah Witt. It was a good day of savings. If we had only held off on our HDTV a little longer...

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