Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas 08!

For Christmas we decided to come to Florida to see our families since one side of the family lives in Tampa and the other side lives in Orlando...and they are only about an hour away it works out great...since Mom and Dad Grames are down here(while on furlough) and little baby Sophie is due any day now... We've spent most of our days driving around, doing a little shopping, some for us... but mostly Aunt Sheila for baby Sophie...and of course at David's demands we stopped at some of our favorite fast food that we don't have in NY (Sonic & Chic-fil-a) YUM!

But lets go back about a week, when we first got here we came to TAMPA and stayed with Justin and Crystal for Christmas. We went over to Billy and Muffins(Stacey) house(& Hunter) for Christmas Eve dinner which was awesome! Billy cooked up some nice juicy fillets in the green tank while Justin and David played Nintendo Wii all night.

Once we came home it was about 10 min. till Christmas so we decided to open up all our presents then so we could sleep-in in the morning. The First present I opened up was from Sheila(which we agreed to not get each other presents this year since we bought our tv, bought furniture,....paid for a wedding) but Sheila was able, maybe even for the first time ever, to surprise me. So I opened it up and it was a Nintendo WII!!!! HOW FUN!!!! after that I dont remember much else of the night.

On Christmas day we got up and had a yummy breakfast, pancakes, fresh fruits, eggs...all home made by the ladies. It was good, opened up some stocking presents with some very cool gifts. For lunch we went to the Speigels house(Justin's Parents) about half an hour away. Had some delicious turkey and opened some more presents...

We then drove to Orlando to see David's side of the family, had a little Christmas time there, We stayed there until new years ever visiting with family and doing some shopping and celebrating David's 27th Birthday. Later in January we went to the beach! It was warm and sunny, although the water was really cold.

all in all, it was an awesome Christmas, if only Sophie would just come out and play!

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