Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sophia Lola!

One of the reasons why we came to Florida for Christmas, besides braving the harsh winter was to hopefully see our new niece Sophie! Justin and Crystal Speigel were expecting their first baby anytime in early Jan 2009. We tried all Christmas long to try and get her to come out, we gave Crystal foot massages, after foot massages, massaged the belly, pushed on the belly... but Sophie just wouldn't leave her mommy...granted she wasn't due for another week and half... we worked the first week of '09 "remotely" from FL so we could hopefully see her... and she made us wait...all the way until the day before we were to leave to come out!... BUT WE WERE HAPPY SHE CAME!

On Jan 9, 2009 around 5pmish Sophie finally arrived. We got to see the proud daddy come downstairs and greet us with a HUGE smile on his face... he even brought the video camera down with some images of her so we could see her while we waited. She is adorable.(as you can see in the pics) I dont remember her weight or height, but then again.. we're just her aunt and uncle, our job is to spoil the kid and then leave for a while, come back...spoil them some more and then leave. It's Fun. Due to inclemate weather back in NY we were able to reschedule our flight and spend a couple days at the house with Sophie and the extremely happy and very sleepy mommy and daddy!

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