Monday, June 22, 2009

Everyday is a Rainy Day in NY!

Well if you live in the northeast, you know that we've been plagued by a monsoon for the last month... with very little sunshine and enough rain to drive Noah to the brink of madness... o.k. maybe not that bad... but we've gotten a lot of rain. At work we play soccer every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during lunch for about 1 hour and 1/2. sometimes 2 when the weather is nice.. They encourage us to get out of the office and those excel spreadsheet.... well our field has basically been drenched to the point where it no longer wants to soak up water...So for the last few weeks its been rather... muddy. So after this last weekends rain showers, we knew we were in for a nice drizzly, mud splashing, slip n' slide type game, and wouldn't you know my cleat pretty much decided it had seen enough water as well and decided to jump ship... fortunately we have showers here at work just for this reason...

So that's my little story for the day... soon we will be heading upstate to rochester where one of Sheila's best friends is getting married and older sister Crystal and baby Sophie are visiting the family so we will be spending some time with the before they come visit us on the 4th of July as they make their way back to Tampa, FL.

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