Thursday, June 11, 2009

A New Hobby for the McGrames'

Sheila is a very creative woman and like her dad she likes to keep herself busy with projects... so why not mix her love of jewelry and projects together. Our friend Rachel and Myself had to be the models for the new jewelry line... So if you see some scruff in there, its not a hairy woman!

Sheila has started to create jewelry for herself and friends. David has helped out a bit as well, creating a bracelet and earrings... But Sheila has done most of the work in the design and creativity of the items... One friend liked her creations so much she offered to have Sheila's jewelry displayed/sold at a beauty salon where she works.

So here are some pictures of her creations so far... nothings for sale yet... but you can submit a request if you want...Sheila does it more out of enjoyment than to try and sell them... but if you have an idea or a picture, email us at and i'll submit an order for you! =0)

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