Sunday, July 5, 2009

Spiegels visit the Grames in NYC!

After the Spiegel's(a.k.a Justin, Crystal and Sophie) visited with Justin's and Crystal's family in upstate NY, they made their trip back down to Tampa, FL; but first stopped to see the McGrames' here in NYC for the 4th of July weekend.

They arrived Thursday evening and we went out for some real NY pizza...then walked around downtown Nyack and enjoyed the nice sunny weather...we went home to play with Sophie before it was her bedtime...

Friday we went into the city and met up with our friends Billy and Stacey who were on holiday in NYC for the 4th, had some lunch with them in Greenwich Village and then chauffered Sophie around the city while she napped. We enjoyed some shopping at Whole Foods and then jumped on the Staten Island ferry for a free tour of the NYC. We walked around Battery Park and bartered for some Dolce&Gabana purses for Sheila and Crystal.. The ladies did very well... 2 purses for $15 each. Not too shabby... especially when they started out at $45 each.

On Saturday we were so tired from walking around New York City the previous day that we pretty much hung around the apartment and relaxed. We took a mid-day nap and then the ladies went out to shop for some nice jewelry pieces for their jewelry making hobby. Justin and David babysat Sophie and played some video games... We meant to go swimming but the weather had other plans for us... so we just watched some TV, some fireworks and enjoyed some time together.

Later that night, or early next morning I should say came time for them to head out... 3 a.m. came around they pulled out to make their long voyage from NYC to Tampa. They arrived safely by 9:30pm... that's only 19 hours later... and I heard Justin drove practically the entire way. Amazing. We had a blast with them and we were REALLY REALLY sad to see the 3 of them go.

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