Friday, March 27, 2009

Florida Vacation Part 2: Ben's Wedding

Ben's wedding took place on Thursday March 26th at 4pm at the First Christian Church of Kissimmee. It was a beautiful ceremony, with Sheila and I as the Matron of Honor and Best Man. Ethan was the ring bearer and did an excellent job walking down the isle with ring pillow. After a beautiful ceremony and some family pictures we headed to the reception hall in, FL. It was a beautiful ballroom looking out over a marina and rather large lake. The happy couple went out and took a bunch of pictures by the lake with the florida sunset in the background. Meanwhile Ethan, Sheila and I... and the rest of the families... partied it up in the reception hall to some groovy tunes.

We also decorated the awesome Cadillac STS, Ben rented as their getaway car. We stitched some extra large undies and stuffed them with some pillow stuffing and strapped them to the back of the car... wrote some stuff on the car windows and filled it up with yellow and blue balloons(their colors). All in all it was a beautiful wedding on a perfect sunny day. Unfortunately sheila and I forgot to charge the battery to our camera.... but don't worry, i stole some pictures from Dad and Uncle Steve before we here are some of them. Click on the picture below to be taken to a few of the pictures i uploaded.

I promise once I receive the pictures from the photographer I will post a few family ones that everyone can download for those of you who had requested a family picture.

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