Monday, March 23, 2009

Part 1 of our Florida Vacation

Thanks to our friends Billy and Muffin we were able to switch our flight and come down a weekend before to spend some time with them and our niece Sophia, who is a lot more alert and smiley than when we first saw... the first two days of her life... We've spent a couple days with Sophie now and are enjoying every minute of it.

We decided one night to give Justin and Crystal a break and were able to experience parent hood first hand... and we quickly decided we were not ready... we'd rather spoil our niece(Sophie) and nephew(Ethan). We stayed up till about 1am feeding her and rocking her till she fell asleep, then about 3 hours later in the middle of the night, Sheila heard Sophie crying through the monitor and told me to go check on her.... so I said yes... but never got up...(I'm too used to the snooze alarm).. 10 minutes later, sheila said "David, get up! go change Sophia's diaper". So in the middle of the night, without my glasses on or contacts in I changed my first diaper... couldn't really tell what i was doing... but it seemed to work out, and I didn't even put the diaper on backwards. Sheila prepared a bottle and fed her and rocked her to sleep again... then we both crashed the rest of the night and Crystal was kind enough to do the early morning shift(my guess, because neither one of us was waking to Sophie's crying.) This is when we usually like holding sophie, she's just in her own tiny bubble...

The next day we went to the mall to do some shopping and brought little sophie along, she really seems to enjoy car rides, especially if she has a clean diaper and full tummy... I got to sit in the back seat with her and snap some pretty funny pictures of her... she is a cutie!

This is Sophie after our shopping spree, already modeling her new hat!

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