Monday, March 9, 2009

My favorite relative is...

On Sophie's 2 month birthday, (which we all know is when babies come to their senses, they become more alert and start seeing and even thinking clearer, sometimes even given the rare ability to write and make very smart statements) Little adorable Sophie has made a major announcement! I'm sure by looking at the picture you can see she has declared that her Uncle David is her favorite relative. This comes as no surprise to anyone, except to maybe her Aunt Sheila who was shocked and a little perturbed by the bold, yet true declaration. Since this news, Aunt Sheila has been fighting to take over the "favorite relative" title by going on a shopping spree for little Sophie Lola... cute tops, and pants won't buy out little Sophie's pure heart! (besides I've made a few purchases just incase she plans on changing her mind.)

Now I know she is still young and succeptible to temptations and bribes from other relatives(Sheila, Andy, Ash...and of course grandpa and grandma.) but let it be known that I, David, was declared first on Sophie's favorite relative list and therefor will always be at the top of the list.

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